[★TRENDING] After School unable to make a comeback because there’s no money?

A recent tweet sent by After School member Lizzy has warranted concern from fans regarding the possibilities of a group comeback.

On July 23rd, Lizzy left a voice message to fans and a message saying, “People who are bored~ come here!!!! Play with me. Write comments. yup~ um I am actually really busy … but let’s play!! (minjc0409)”. 

A Twitter user replied to her message saying, “Let’s play,” to which Lizzy commented, “Okay.”

The same SNS user then wrote, “Give us a comeback,” with Lizzy replying, “We need money for a comeback but we don’t have any… I also want one [a comeback].”

Lizzy is not the only After School member who recently shared their yearning for a group comeback as member Jungah revealed her own wants of a group comeback on her Instagram account.

After School is currently under Pledis Entertainment, whose newly debuted male group SEVENTEEN is now promoting.