Afternight Project releases MV for “For You” for “High School, Love On” OST

Afternight Project has been receiving a great deal of attention with his song “Your Waltz”, from the OST of hit Korean drama, High School, Love On. He has also recently released a music video for his second track on the OST, “For You”.

Singer-songwriter, Afternight Project’s first song, “Your Waltz”, catapulted him into OST fame, and the release of “For You” has been highly requested by fans, as they have loyally followed the young drama characters’ heartbreaking romance since High School, Love On‘s premiere in July.

As the intricate story unfolds, Afternight Project’s soft melody, accompanied by piano and cello, hopes to touch the hearts of many and evoke strong emotions, bonding fans with the drama’s characters. The music video provides a glimpse into the struggles of youth and the reality of heartbreak, as Afternight Project belts out emotional lyrics. His sweet ballad embodies the trials of young love as the characters near the end of their search for a “happy ending” with the drama coming to a close at the end of November.

“For You” is released on High School, Love On‘s 6th OST volume and can currently be downloaded off of iTunes! Check out the music video for “For You” below!