Ailee makes a vampiric transformation for “Johnny”

Ailee shared some gorgeous selcas with her followers and fans on her Instagram, at the same time making them feel even more excited for her comeback this summer.

On June 26th, the power vocalist wrote, “The first solo concert… dugeun dugeun (pit-a-pat)~ Look forward to it~ seollem seollem (excitement).” Along with her post came the hashtag #VampireGames#ImportanceOfAngles, #ScaryEyes, #vampireeyes, #vampirelips, #150630, and #Johnny.

With makeup that gave her a more dark sexy vibe, Ailee’s eyebrows are darkened with dark eyeliner and lipstick giving her a vampire-like look.

The tag #Johnny has gained attention after rumors revealed that the song may be the title track for her July comeback, possibly a song named as a tribute for the producer who found her, Johnnyphlo. Additionally, the date June 30th has raised suspicions that something may be coming soon on that date as her first solo concert will be held on July 4th at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

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