Ailee rumored to comeback in July with Brave Brothers track, “Johnny”

According to Instiz, Ailee will be releasing her next comeback album on July 6th, however, netizens have found a time table that has revealed the title track and composer.

While only still a rumor, the timetable indicates that the track will be produced by Brave Brothers, who has composed hits including SISTAR Hyorin’s solo debut track “One Way Love,” AOA’s three 2014 hits “Short Hair,” “Mini Skirt,” “Like a Cat,” and their newest track “Heart Attack,” and other artists including BIGBANG.

Meanwhile, it also revealed that the track is titled “Johnny” to which some have speculated, is a tribute to the man who discovered Ailee, Johnnyphlo.

In 2009, Johnnyphlo, whose given name is Johnny Jung, created MUZO Entertainment and recruited Decipher and Ailee. The label became a large influence in the underground Asian-American music scene where they covered Wonder Girl’s viral 2010 track “Nobody,” a cover of Asian American indie artist Jhameel’sWhite Lie,” and their own original tracks, “Rollercoaster” and Decipher’s “Catch Me If You Can” featuring Ailee.

Johnnyphlo has signed with a Korean Entertainment label, and although he was set to make an official debut, he later became a producer and songwriter for his label instead of pursuing the idol life. Currently, he has continued to make music independently and has released songs in both Korean and English including a collaboration with G.NA last year.

There has still been no confirmation from Ailee’s company, YMC Entertainment, on any of these details including her comeback date, however, fans are greatly anticipating her next comeback!