Akdong Musician express their anticipation for Epik High’s new album, “Shoebox”

Akdong Musician have expressed their anticipation and support for the upcoming release from YG label mates Epik High, and showed confidence that their seniors would have no problem getting first place.

We are big fans of our seniors, Epik High. As we continue to grow as musicians, we start to wonder if we can become a group like them, and produce music like them. We had the chance to have a listen to the album (Shoebox) before its release on the 21st, and it was really good,” member Lee Chanhyuk said. “We thought, ‘After all, it is Epik High!‘”

I don’t think they will have any problems attaining number one,” he added, showing their confidence in their seniors.

Akdong Musician recently released their digital single Time and Fallen Leaves on October 10th. The single then went on to achieve an all-kill on real-time music charts. Around the same time, they also announced their “AKMU Camp” tour, which will be held from November 21st to November 23rd in Seoul.

Source: Sports Donga