Akdong Musician launches first national concert tour “AKMU Camp”

Akdong Musician enchants their fans over the weekend as they launch their first national concert tour AKMU Camp in Seoul, South Korea. 

On November 23rd, Akdong Musician completed the 3rd day of their AKMU Camp concert held at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul, South Korea, officially launching their national tour. The famous siblings treated fans with songs from their first album PLAY, especially their hit tracks, “Give Love” and “200%.” They also exclusively performed a number of their unreleased tracks including songs from their stint in Kpop Star 2.

Lee Hi, who is currently promoting with Suhyun for the project uni, HI SUHYUN, also appeared as a guest for concert and performing their track, “I’m Different.” Famous acoustic guitarists Sungha Jung and Yoo Seungwoo were also present at the concert, performing a special stage with Chanhyuk.

During the concert, Suhyun further thanked fans for the support and revealed that they will try to be better musicians, while Chanhyuk promised that they want to sing a song that will be comforting to their fans.

After wrapping up their concert in Seoul, Akdong Musician will be heading to Daegu on December 6th, Gwangju on November 24th and Busan on December 31st.

Source: Newsen