AKMU confirms no plastic surgery clauses in contracts

On the most recent episode of SBS Healing Camp filled with K-Pop Star contestants, AKMU reveals their no-surgery clause in their contracts with YG Entertainment is true indeed.

The December 29th airing of the Healing K-Pop Stars special featured numerous contestants and winners of the show to provide more insight and humor for their fans. While 15&’s Park Jimin revealed her immense donation from her prize money as well as difficulties with dieting, sibling duo Akdong Musician confirmed the status of their natural faces.

MC Kim Jaedong asked, “I heard that there was a clause against plastic surgery when signing contracts with YG Entertainment, is that true?”, to which both siblings replied affirmatively. Lee Chan Hyuk added, “The no-surgery clause is true. Since our parents had wished that our faces remain as is, we decided not to do any surgery. And I think the reason why many fans love us is because of our looks.”

AKMU debuted with “200%” and “Melted” back in April with YG Entertainment. It is know that Lee Chan Hyuk had written and produced the entire album. Since then, they have received lots of love as a talented sibling duo and fans anticipate their future projects.

Source: Star News