Alexander makes a surprise appearance on MBC’s “My Tutor Friend”

Alexander Eusebio (Xander), former member of U-KISS, made a surprise appearance on the latest episode of MBC’s My Tutor Friend.

On the episode that aired on December 5th, Sung Si Kyung and actress Kim Sung Ryeong attended an English class to challenge the mission go giving a 2 minute speech in English. Sung Si Kyung, who is the actress’s English tutor, was already in the middle of their intensive training when a student happened to pass by and started a conversation.

The student turned out to be Alexander who started the conversation asking, “What are you guys doing here? I’m a student here and I came to attend the class that’s about to start.”

In the end, all three attended the class together, with Alexander helping Kim Sung Ryeong to adapt to the English language.

Since departing from NH Media and U-KISS, Alexander has been focusing on his individual activities as a solo artist. Recently, it was revealed that he has returned to South Korea to continue his studies.

Alexander "My Tutor Friend"

Source: Newsen