ALi releases music video for OST track “I Love You, I’m Sorry”

ALi revealed the music video for the OST track “I Love You, I’m Sorry” for the MBC drama, Angry Mom.

Beginning on March 18th, Angry Mom is about a mother who was known for fighting as a student but grew up and left behind her rebellious ways. However, her daughter became a victim of bullying which led to the mother dressing up as a student to defend her daughter at school.

In the music video for “I Love You, I’m Sorry,” ALi’s powerful voice paves the way for the emotional scenes shown in the video. The clips from the drama reveal the main character’s experiences with the bullies and the harsh environment that she must survive in.

With the heart-wrenching song and music video, ALi carefully brings together the clips with her effective track. By including the yellow ribbon at the end of the video, the singer also shows her blessings to those of the Sewol tragedy.

Check out the music video below: