Almeng releases “Half An Hour” MV

Duo Almeng from SBS “K-Pop Star 3” has revealed the music video for “Half An Hour” off their debut mini-album, compoSing in Love. They released a music video for “Phone in Love” earlier as well.

Almeng’s music video for “Half An Hour” uses a very minimalist concept to express the frustrated feelings associated with the story. Choi Rin and Lee Haeyong sing and dance in front of a simple, peach colored background. Choi Rin is dressed in a crop top with kiss designs and a high waisted skirt. Her hat and thin necklaces complete her look. Lee Haeyong wears a fashionable navy cardigan on top of a white button-down shirt.

Special effects of typography and modern shapes fill the screen around them. The two act out scenes of bickering and cute playfulness as they sing lyrics that describe how half an hour of love has become half an hour of waiting and impatience.

The duo garnered attention for themselves after their impressive performances on “K-Pop Star 3”, and now signed under YNB Entertainment, have not disappointed fans with their debut. Almeng has been promoting their refreshing title track on various stages with warm welcome by both old and new fans.

Check out “Half An Hour” here: