Amber finds she’s actually the maknae of f(x) and her reaction is hilarious

Idols are not immune to the latest viral craze.

Amber took to Twitter on Friday (8th) and uploaded a group collage of herself and fellow f(x) members Krystal, Victoria, and Luna from a recent CF shoot.

The site deemed leader Victoria (28) 22-years old, vocalist Luna (22) 18-years old, and the group’s maknae Krystal 20-years old. However, Amber, who was pictured with a goofier expression that some have come to refer as her “llama expression,” was proclaimed only four years old!

Amber playfully overreacted, captioning the picture “WHAT THE HELL AM I 4?!?! #llamaproblems.” The singer and rapper will turn 23 this fall.

Many found her unexpected age hilarious and some even commented only with emoticons that expressed tearing up while laughing.

The latest internet craze is the new “How Old Do I Look?” website where anyone can upload a photo and the site attempts to quantify each face with an age. Because of the common age discrepancy between the site’s guess and a person’s actual age, the site has gone viral.

In related news, Amber recently shot an episode of Running Man that featured a star-studded international guest list including g.o.d.‘s Joon ParkSuper Junior-M‘s HenryMIB‘s Kangnam, and 2pm‘s Nichkhun and snapped a couple pictures during her adventures with the cast!