Amber proves that you can never have enough ramen

You can never have enough ramen. In a latest update on her SNS account, Amber shared with fans a humorous photo of herself in her latest food shopping rampage. 

On March 15th, Amber wrote on her Instagram account, “Stocking up for the apocalypse. Getting ready for the end of Earth. #ramyun #ramen,” and shared two split photos of herself with her arms stacked with ramen bowls. Despite her arms already full with ramen reaching to her chin, Amber hilariously still attempts to reach for another on the shelf.

Amber has been gaining popularity lately with her appearance on MBC‘s Real Men – Female Special 2, as well as with her debut title track “Shake That Brass,” which she has been inviting several female singers to sing as the featured singer with her on stage including Red Velvet’s Wendy, f(x)’s Luna, Ailee, and Lovelyz‘s Kei.

Source: TV Report