Anonymous person with insider knowledge on IU’s relationship reveals another celebrity couple

An anonymous post on NAVER’s KnowledgIn section, created on June 12, 2014, is currently going viral for predicting IU‘s relationship and another celebrity couple before it was revealed.

The post says, “IU and Chang Ki Ha are going out and they said Song Yeon Jae and an actor’s son is going out as well. I think it was Jo Jae Hyun’s son they said all the insiders know about Son Yeon Jae but not many people know about IU and Chang Ki Ha is this real?”

Korean netizens are in an uproar over the post, as it reveals IU’s relationship before Dispatch released their famous photo article. The practice of “paying tribute” began half jokingly but the post itself has over 120,000 views and is being shared on numerous online communities.

The post, which was correct about the relationship between IU and Chang Ki Ha, also mentions another celebrity couple. The user reveals that beloved sports star Son Yeon Jae and the son of Korea’s actor Jo Jae Hyun are in a relationship as well.

Netizens are holding their breath to find out if the second part of this post will turn out to be true as well.

Source: Naver