Another idol blackmailed with alleged sex tape

According to The Fact, an anonymous man who has recently hidden his whereabouts demanded money in exchange for the original copy of an alleged sex tape footage of a famous celebrity, A.

The unidentified male called A’s agency and said, “I have a sex tape of A and I will hand over the original copy of the video if I am paid 100 million won.” 

It has also been revealed that the culprit emailed many news agencies and said, “I am contacting to let you know that I am in possession of celebrity A’s sex tape. It features A’s face, voice and the woman’s face. The video seems to be from 3~4 years ago and is approximately 72 seconds long.” 

He emailed these medias 4 times over the course of 3 days from August 27th to the 29th saying, “We can negotiate right away and I can either delete or hand over the video if I am paid 100 million won. I am currently in the Philippines and I can come confirm the video with you in person before getting the money.”

The CEO of A’s agency stated, “We were blackmailed with similar threats 3~4 years ago and we didn’t respond because the claims were so preposterous. We were worried that if we responded legally such groundless accusations may mar the image of A. However, we cannot ignore the fact that he even emailed news agencies and decided to ask the police for help.”

Source: The Fact