AOA announces Music Video Quiz Event for “Like a Cat”

On November 19th, FNC Entertainment girl group AOA announced the first Music Video Quiz Event for their 2nd mini-album Like a Cat

The title song for the album, which shares the same name “Like a Cat“, has been incredibly popular, reaching over 2.5 million views since it was released on November 19th. The group now revealed a small quiz around their music video, and the rules given were quite simple: users just have to leave a comment saying how many times the members of AOA winked in the music video for “Like A Cat”. From the comments three selected correct answers will be rewarded with a “BUCKAROO Seolhyun Jumper” of random color. If you don’t know the correct answer, it may be time to watch the music video a few more times!

AOA has been heavily promoting their new release and has been quite successful in getting their name out. In addition to holding a comeback showcase, releasing some beautiful concept photos, and appearing on 1theK‘s Let’s Dance program as well as KBS show Hello Counselor, the girls have also released a dance practice video for “Like a Cat” utilizing their signature “eye contact” aspect. Millions of fans have enjoyed AOA’s latest hit, which even caught the attention of American music channel MTV.

Are you a fan of AOA’s latest release “Like a Cat”? If so, be sure to enter AOA’s Music Video Quiz Event!

Source: AOA Official

AOA 2nd Mini Album 발매 기념 [사뿐사뿐] Music Video Quiz Event #1. 캣우먼으로 변신한 AOA 멤버들의 사뿐사뿐 뮤직비디오!뮤직비디오 속에서 AOA 멤버들이 윙크한 횟수는 …

Posted by AOA on Wednesday, November 19, 2014