AOA releases new KakaoTalk emoticons

On February 5th, KakaoTalk released 24 new emoticons of FNC Entertainment girl group AOA for users to download and use in their SNS conversations.

The group previously released a set of emoticons featuring cute caricature versions of the members, but the newly released realistic emoticons (known as Realcons), feature the seven core members of the group conveying a wide range of emotions in their costumes from their newest hit “Like a Cat”. In several of the emoticons, the girls even don cat-ear headbands, which emphasize their cuteness.

KakaoTalk emoticons featuring K-pop idols have become increasingly popular, with groups such as VIXX, GOT7, and Girl’s Day among some of the latest to release emoticons for the SNS.

With a wide variety of different stickers featuring single members as well as subgroups, AOA’s new Realcons will be sure to fit any emotions you want to convey to your friends on KakaoTalk! The emoticons are available for purchase for $3.00 on the KakaoTalk emoticon store.

In related news, AOA is currently asking fans to help them name their upcoming reality show, which is set to premiere on February 26th via Naver Starcast.

사뿐 사뿐~ 살아 숨쉬는~AOA의 움직이는 리얼 이모티콘!#카카오톡 아이템스토어에서 <AOA 리얼콘>이 내일 오전 출시됩니다!많은 기대 부탁드립니다 :)Feel the real #AOA!<AOA Realcon> will be released tomorrow morning via #kakaotalk item store!plz look forward to it 🙂

Posted by AOA on Wednesday, February 4, 2015