AOA releases still cuts of Seolhyun from “Like a Cat” MV

On November 8th, AOA released still cuts of Seolhyun from the music video of their upcoming track “Like a Cat” on their official Facebook page. AOA recently released the trailer for their “Like a Cat” music video, returning with a sexy and mature concept. In one particularly sexy clip of the teaser, Seolhyun is seen showing off her sexy body and flexibility while maneuvering gracefully past dangerous red lasers.  The next day, still cuts from this scene were uploaded by FNC Entertainment.

The scene was part of a 41-second long teaser, which included AOA using their cat-like movements to carefully infiltrate a bank in order to steal diamonds. The concept is definitely a deviation from their previous hit “Short Hair”, but nonetheless has garnered generally positive responses from fans.

The group will be releasing their 2nd mini-album Like A Cat, and promoting the title track of the same name, on November 11th online, followed by its physical release on the 13th.

Post by AOA.