AOA reveals BTS photos from “Like a Cat” dance practice

On December 3rd, FNC Entertainment girl group AOA released BTS photos from their “Like a Cat” dance practice, which featured the girls dressed in cat onesies.

Unlike the music video and previous dance practice for their new hit “Like a Cat,” AOA showed off their cute side on November 22nd with the release of their Special Dance Practice video. After almost a million views, the girls treated their fans by uploading several BTS photos from the filming of the dance practice video. The album includes a photo of each of the six girls (Mina was absent for the video) displaying their aegyo to the camera, as well as one of the entire group relaxing on the floor of the practice room.

“Like a Cat” has been extremely successful, reaching 2 million views in less than two weeks since its release. The track also earned AOA a win on the November 19th episode of MBC Show! Champion.

Make sure to check out the cute BTS photos from AOA’s dance practice below!

Post by AOA.

Source: AOA Official