AOA shares diet secrets and truth behind Mina’s 17.9-inch waist

Mnet‘s Heart-a-tag met with AOA members recently as they shared secrets to their slender bodies and current diet regime.

Member Seol Hyun shares, “We’re currently on a diet, so we’ve been eating a lot of tomatoes,” and states that they have been eating mini tomatoes every day.

Mina confesses, “Honestly, all of the members have been dieting a lot… I normally experience weight gain, weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, but I’m on the skinny side right now. Once we start our promotion, it’s most likely we’ll gain a little weight. So it will be interesting to compare the first and last performances.”

As a fan requested Mina, “It’s not a human waist. Please share how to achieve a 17.9-inch waist~” Mina confidently shares that she is on a diet for 365 days a year. “I’m the type that swells (or bloats) easily.” Tip number one is “No salty [food]. No spicy [food]. Instead I eat a lot of sweet pumpkin and other types of squash,” because pumpkin can reduce swelling. Mina’s second tip is to prohibit eating after 6pm.

The third tip to prevent or reduce swelling for the face is to utilize a cold pack or a cool pack directly on the face. Mina also reveals the importance of acupressure and applying pressure in-between the index finger and thumb to improve blood circulation.

The AOA members also take on the coin tower challenge by placing coins in the indent created by the collar bone. All the girls successfully hold a stack of twenty coins and ask for more coins as 20 is too easy.

Watch the full-length video of AOA below!