[★VIDEO] AOA shows off their dancing skills on MBC “Weekly Idol”

On November 20th, AOA appeared on the MBC show Weeky Idol, where they shared their irresistible charms with fans by performing dance covers of popular songs by groups such as Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day and EXO.

Ever since the release of their latest comeback “Like a Cat,” it seems like FNC Entertainment group has been everywhere, and they definitely deserve all the attention they’ve been receiving! With the music video for the song already surpassing 2.5 million views in less than two weeks, everyone (even American music channel MTV) wants to learn more about the group; and viewers were given the chance to do just that on Weekly Idol.

When the episode began, Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn, the hosts of Weekly Idol, noticed that only six members of the group were present, to which the girls explained that Mina was currently busy filming for her drama Modern Farmer. Despite Mina’s absence, however, the girls still managed to have a lot of fun on the show and started off by showing off their knowledge of their own choreography, performing various parts of “Miniskirt,” “Short Hair,” and “Like a Cat” based off short clips of the songs.

Later in the episode, AOA continued to show off their impressive dancing abilities by performing pieces from the songs of other popular artists. Hyejeong started things off by flawlessly dancing to Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot”, which sent the hosts of Weekly Idol into a frenzy. Yuna followed up by dancing to SISTAR‘s “Loving U.” Seolhyun attempted to show off her smooth dancing by performing EXO’s “Growl”, but was rejected by the hosts in favor of lead vocalist Choa, who failed to recall the choreography.

Seolhyun was then finally allowed to perform the song; following her impressive dance, the lead dancer was joined by Jimin, Yuna and Choa for a short and hilarious performance of Super Junior‘s “MAMACITA,” which consisted mostly of head-banging. Of all the songs, however, AOA seemed to be the biggest fans of Girl’s Day’s choreography, as they all rushed at the chance to perform when “Something” started to play.

To watch all of AOA’s incredible dance performances, check out the video below!