AOA tops BIGBANG and SISTAR to win first on July 4th’s Music Core

On the July 4th episode of MBC‘s Music Core, girl group AOA managed secure the first place trophy with their latest hit, “Heart Attack.”

After recently making their comeback with the title track “Heart Attack,” popular girl group AOA soared to the top of the charts and managed to beat out two powerhouse groups – BIGBANG and SISTAR – to win the first place trophy on the July 4th episode of MBC’s Music Core.

Artists who performed their comeback stages on the July 4th episode included BTOB with “It’s Okay” and “Giddy Up,” 9MUSES with “Hurt Locker,” and NS Yoon-G with “Honey Summer.”

BIGBANG recently made their third consecutive monthly comeback, this time with “It’s You” and “Sober” while girl group SISTAR recently made their comeback with the Summer-themed hit track, “Shake It.” However, for tonight’s episode, BIGBANG was nominated for one of last month’s comeback songs, “BANG BANG BANG.”

Congratulations to AOA on their win with “Heart Attack”!

Source: TV Report