AOA’s Choa shows off her cat-like aegyo on KBS “Hello Counselor”

On November 18th, AOA‘s Choa surprised fans by showing off her cat-like aegyo on the 199th episode of KBS talk show Hello Counselor

On the show, which featured AOA’s Choa and Seolhyun as guest stars, the MCs asked Choa if she had anything on her mind that had been stressing her out recently, to which the main vocalist of AOA shared that she is having a hard time with the cat-like concept of the group’s new song, “Like a Cat.” Choa revealed that in her attempts to perfect her performance, she even watched episodes of “Animal Farm,” but to no avail.

The MCs then asked her show off her cat impersonation, making Choa perform her cat-like aegyo and drawing a round of applause from the audience. Lee Youngja got up on stage after Choa to show off her own cat impersonation, surprising Kim Taekyun who suddenly got a full view of her behind.

Despite Choa’s worries regarding her performance, AOA has been successful in promoting their new track “Like a Cat.” The music video for the song has already reached over 2 million views since it was released, and the group even grabbed the attention of American music channel MTV, who called them as a “girl group to put on your radar.”

Source: Chosun