AOA’s Jimin sets her Instagram account to public

In anticipation for her group’s nearing comeback, AOA‘s Jimin set her Instagram account to public, allowing fans to follow her activities on the social media service. 

The AOA leader has been active on the social networking service for almost two months now, but the account was set to private until recently. Along with setting the account public to fans, the FNC Entertainment rapper also uploaded twelve new photos, which piece together into her individual teaser photo for her group’s “Heart Attack” comeback.

Jimin’s other photos and videos on her Instagram account include photos with her group members, photos of food, and more. Make sure to follow Jimin on Instagram at @jiminbaby_18 to keep up with the AOA member. Jimin’s group, AOA, is set to make a comeback on June 22nd.

For now, you can check out some of Jimin’s most recent Instagram photos below!