AOA’s Seolhyun opens up a public Instagram account

Following fellow AOA member Jimin‘s lead, group member Seolhyun opened up her Instagram to the public ahead of the group’s comeback. 

Just like her group leader, AOA’s Seolhyun uploaded a series of photos that joined together to create her individual teaser image for the group’s upcoming release, “Heart Attack.” Unlike Jimin, however, the only photos on Seolhyun’s account are the twelve photos that form the teaser.

Hopefully, as their comeback date comes closer, Seolhyun will upload more photos, and will continue to do so even after they complete their promotion cycle.

Make sure to follow Seolhyun at @sh_9513 and keep an eye out for more AOA members opening their Instagram accounts to the public!

AOA will make their comeback with “Heart Attack” on June 22nd.