[★Live Report] AOMG Tour in LA and NYC – November 14-15, 2014

Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Loco, and DJ Pumkin of AOMG kicked off their US tour on November 14th at the beautiful Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, followed by a performance on November 15th at Stage 48 in New York. Koreaboo was there to report on these two gigs that were unforgettable for fans of Korean hip-hop!

Eager fans lined up on the streets of downtown Los Angeles hours before the doors opened–even the ones with VIP tickets who had guaranteed access to the front of the stage. Once inside, fans loosened up as the pre-show DJ played club hits onstage, but the anticipation for the show grew by the minute. A similar situation occurred in NY as well, as fans waited anxiously in the cold for the chance to see some of their favorite rappers. In NY the show began with an hour delay, but it was well worth the wait.

Tearing up the stage to kick off the night was Loco accompanied by DJ Pumkin, followed shortly after by Gray. Loco and Gray could have easily run the venue themselves for the rest of the night. The duo was unstoppable when it came to getting the crowd hyped, producing some of the loudest audience singalongs of the night. In a break from their performance, both artist’s spoke the little English they knew and made the whole crown swoon at their adorable selves. They also had a corny joke at hand as they asked the crowd, “Do you know what DJ Pumkin’s aegyo is?” to which DJ Pumkin played a horn blare which sounded like “buing, buing” (an aegyo term in Korea).

Next up was Simon D, who, true to his fashion, walked calmly up on stage before instantly turning up the volume on the crowd. Repping a red snapback embroidered with “Busan,” Simon D performed new songs from AOMG as well as old favorites like “Stay Cool” and “Cheerz” from his solo album. Showing off his token charisma and using his best English, Simon D played up the crowd with fan service in the form of holding hands with girls in the front row and announcing he was looking for a girlfriend in LA and in NY.

Last to hit the stage was Jay Park, for whom the crowd seemed the most excited. Jay started off his set with “Know Your Name,” accompanied by two dancers to go along with his smooth choreography that got the crowd swooning. Though Jay said he was still tired and jet lagged from his long flight from Korea, no one would have been able to tell. Jay got the crowd grooving along with his on-point dancing to fan favorites like “Joah” and “Star” and powered through his rap-heavy tracks, even bringing LA-native Dumbfoundead onstage as a surprise special guest. In NY there was no special guest, however Jay did grace the crowd with his abs after taking off the layers of shirts he had on throughout the night.

To end off the night, the whole AOMG crew shared the stage for a mind blowing collaboration, rocking the crowd with hits like Supreme Team’s “Supermagic” and “Dang Dang Dang” and Jay Park’s “I Like 2 Party.” The encore got even more wild in LA, as the AOMG crew pulled up their friends onstage like AOM b-boys, Ben Baller, Danny from 1TYM, and Dumbfoundead. The show’s explosive ending resonated with fans who left the venue tired but giddy with excitement.

There is still one more chance to see the AOMG Tour in US. Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Loco, and DJ Pumkin will be making their final stop in Washington DC on November 20th.