A’PIEU cosmetics releases CF featuring AOA’s Choa

On March 1st, cosmetic brand A’PIEU released a short CF for their air-fit puff starring AOA‘s Choa, who not only stars in the video but narrates it as well.

In the 20-second video, the FNC Entertainment singer showed fans how to apply the make-up, outlining three simple steps. Wearing a baby blue dress and sitting atop a stool, the AOA member’s charming personality added to the appeal of the cute commercial.

Choa and the other members of AOA have previously starred in other commercials for A’PIEU, and also released several behind-the-scenes videos for fans. In the past, AOA used their sexy image to promote the mature look that the cosmetics can create, but Choa’s cute look is just as appealing.

Make sure to check out Choa’s CF for A’PIEU’s air-fit puff below: