A’PIEU releases advertisement making film featuring AOA

On January 1st, cosmetics brand A’PIEU released a video of their newest advertisement models, the members of AOA.

On their official YouTube channel, A’PIEU uploaded an advertisement making film featuring the members of AOA as their latest advertisement models. The members can be seen dressed in white lace and pastel outfits while holding various cosmetic products and flowers. While posing for the photos, each member showcases their unique charms and impeccable complexion.

Each of the photos gives off a different feeling, ranging from innocent to sexy depending on the concept and member. Near the end of the video, ChoA can be seen trying out some of the different products and posing as if she is in the middle of putting on her make-up.

Check out the making film for AOA’s A’PIEU advertisements below!

Source: A’PIEU’s Official YouTube Channel