Apink brings out their color in new Japanese MV for “LUV”

The Apink fairies are making a Japanese comeback very soon, with a short version of the music video for the Japanese version of “LUV” officially released on April 15th!

Following a successful round of Japanese promotions in February with “Mr. Chu,” and even ranking #2 on the Oricon charts, Apink will soon be meeting their Japanese fans agains with their 3rd Japanese single “LUV.”

The original Korean version for “LUV” was included in the group’s 5th mini-album Pink LUV released in November last year, winning a remarkable total of 17 trophies on music shows, for five consecutive weeks. With the popularity of the Korean version, the Japanese remake is also expected to do as well on the Oricon charts.

The short 1:34 music video for “LUV”‘s Japanese version showed similar scenes from the Korean music video, but the girls were also seen in a new set of cute pastel colored outfits, filmed in the same filming set.

Apink recently held their first overseas tour stop for Pink Paradise in Singapore, after it kickstarted in Seoul. The group members also posted mysterious selcas on Twitter, asking to make a promise with fans.

“LUV” is scheduled for release on May 20th.