Apink makes a comeback with “LUV” and “Secret” on “Music Core”

The six fairy idols of Apink are back on stage! The girls performed two songs on MBC Music Core with “Secret” and their title track “LUV.”

Ahead of their official music release date, Apink is already back on stage with their new songs from their upcoming 5th mini-album Pink LUV.

On November 22nd KST, Apink performed their fast dance title track “LUV,” as well as a slow song titled “Secret” for their comeback stage on MBC Music Core.

The members showed off their improved vocals in singing live for their new song “Secret,” where the girls harmonized with one another in several parts of the song. The song starts off with an a capella tune by Eunji, Namjoo, and Bomi, and continues as each member is allocated a fair share of lines that suits their singing abilities the best. In particular, Bomi and Namjoo showed exceptional vocal skills by joining hands with main vocal Eunji in singing the harmonization towards the end of the song.

In their continued performance of their title song “LUV,” Apink,while wearing matching grey polka-dotted outfits, stole the hearts of the crowd with their point “L” hand choreography. For this comeback, the members have tried on different hairstyles and colors as from the past, nonetheless still portraying their fairy-like beauty through the new transformations.

Apink’s comeback with Pink LUV is 8 months after their previous promotional activities with title track “Mr. Chu,” which won them several #1 trophies on Korea’s music shows.

Due to a production error, Apink will release their Pink LUV album on November 24th instead of the initial planned release on the 17th, which is also the likely date where the full music video of “LUV” might be revealed. The group had unveiled a music video teaser earlier on November 17th.

In other news, Apink is invited with Davichi to perform as special guests at A Cube labelmate Huh Gak‘s solo concert.

Check out the amazing live performances by Apink on Music Core below!

Source: dongA.com