Apink Naeun and BTOB show off their close relationship in series of selcas

On December 22nd, Apink’s Naeun took a series of close selcas with five members of Cube Entertainment’s boy group BTOB

Naeun struck a variety of poses for the camera, including a couple of cat poses as she took photos with several of her peers from BTOB. Netizens left comments praising the closeness between Naeun and the BTOB members, as well as Naeun’s cuteness. In the caption, Naeun helped promote BTOB’s latest release, and also mentioned their collaborative performance at the show.

BTOB and Apink  performed a special stage of Apink’s hit song “Mr. Chu” at the 2014 SBS Awards Festival, but while Naeun was dressed in the same cute holiday-themed outfit she wore during the performance, the members of BTOB opted to wear dress clothes as opposed to their adorable reindeer outfits. At the SBS Awards Festival, Apink ranked in the 2014 SBS Gayo Daejeon TOP10, and also performed their newest hit “LUV.” BTOB also performed their newest track “The Winter’s Tale.”

It’s good to see artists getting a long so well, especially near the holiday season!

[#나은] 비투비 '울면안돼' 빨리음원나오길 기다렸는데..드디어 쨘!!!공개되었어요!!올 크리스마스는 #울면안돼 들으면서해피크리스마스보내세요~#비투비화이팅 #에이핑크화이팅!!^^오늘무대도수고했어요^^(성재는없다..미안ㅜㅜ)#LUV

Posted by Apink on Sunday, December 21, 2014

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