Apink releases new album concept photos

Apink will be making a comeback very soon, releasing six concept images for their upcoming 5th mini-album today, on November 5th!

On November 2nd, news of Apink’s new project was first announced, teasing their fans with an image of half-eaten macarons and the hint, “Coming soon 2014.11.17“. However, other details of the upcoming album such as album name and title track have yet to be announced.

Today, Apink unveiled six fairy-like concept images, including 2 group photos and 4 photos of the members in groups of three. The girls seem to be going along with the pretty, innocent concept that they have always been promoting. Apink took their concept images against a floral, natural backdrop, with their synchronized red skirts complementing the red flowers in the background. A special glowing effect around the girls also enhances the dreamlike concept of the concept photos.

In their first group photo, the members pair up in twos and lay on each other, cutely pretending to be asleep; the second group photo shows the synchronization in the group as they strike the same pose: placing their legs elegantly in one direction and holding a cupcake in their right hand while giving an emotionless expression towards the camera.

Apink then splits up into groups of threes: Oh Ha Young, Park Cho Rong, and Son Na Eun in one team and Jung Eunji, Yoon Bomi and Kim Nam Joo in the another team. The first team tries to lure their fans while putting a cupcake near their mouth, while the second group gives a shot using macarons instead. Regardless of the props, the girls look sweet enough even without having to show full smiles on their faces.

It was also posted on Apink’s official Twitter account: “[#Apink] Image revealed on Naver Music! The feeling of an ambiguous first love, #Apink Mini 5th Album. Click the link for more pictures!”

Photo: Naver

Are you excited for Apink’s comeback? We sure are!