Apink reveals 3rd set of concept photos for 5th mini-album

On November 10th, Apink released a 3rd set of teaser images in anticipation for their 5th mini-album, which is set to be released on November 17th. With only a week to go before their comeback, A Cube Entertainment treated their fans to stunning pictures of the girls, who looked as lovely as ever. Like the second set of concept photos that were released just a days ago on November 7th, the third set of teaser images featured a group photo and individual member photos, as well as the hashtag #‎ApinkComeBack‬.

In the photos, Apink show off their feminine mystique as they pose gracefully on a window sill, allowing the natural sunlight to accentuate their beauty. Dressed in light colors to match the white room and hardwood floor, the girls combine the innocent and natural concept from the first set of teasers with the elegant and classy look from the second to create a unique look that stands out from the typical “cute” concept.

Fans have been anticipating Apink’s comeback since the first teaser photo was released on November 2nd.