Apink reveals “Promise U” was initially revealed a few years ago in latest interview

To supplement their newest single dedicated to their 4th year anniversary, Apink released an interview video that explains the meaning of “Promise U.”

The interview is as follows and translated by Koreaboo.

Chorong: “Celebrating our four year anniversary, we’re presenting a new song called “Saekisongarak (Promise U).” It’s written and composed by our very own Eunji.”

Q. Eunji, can you tell us about the song?
Eunji: “It’s a song that I’ve let you hear a few years back at a reality show as my original song, but through rearrangements it’s become to have more of a sentimental feeling to it.”

Q. It’s been four years since debut. How do you feel about it?
Namjoo: “Wow, it’s been four years already!”
Bomi: “I have a flashback of the past four years with our  fans.. Time flies!”
Naeun: “We got to spend a lot of time with the fans. I hope we’ll get to spend even more time together.”
Chorong: “We debuted back in 2011 and now it’s 2015…And this year Hayoung became legal! When we first debuted this day seemed so far away but here we are! I’m glad we were able to present you with good songs for the past four years, and most importantly, this four year anniversary isn’t a special day just for us! April 19th, it’s a day we celebrate with all our fans.
Eunji: “Yea, it’s been four years already! I’m glad that we’re able to share this happy day with you and we’ll continue to work hard to come to you as a better Apink!”
Hayoung: “I can’t believe it’s our four year anniversary!”
Namjoo: “I wasn’t too emotional about it at first but now what we’re talking about our anniversary with our members! I’m getting a flashback too and now I’m getting emotional haha.”

Q. So how was it like working on this song?
Naeun: “You know, we’ve had songs written by Chorong but this was the first song written and even composed by one of our members.  It felt strange seeing Eunji as the director. She was so nice and warm like a mom and we were able to have fun while recording it.
Eunji: “The recording went really smoothly because the members were relaxed and were able to enjoy it.
Bomi: “This is a song for our fans so I took even more care into it. I think it’s a song that everyone will enjoy and love.”
Chorong: “I’m so glad we’re presenting a new song every year on our debut anniversary. Wouldn’t it be nice if we keep thing going and have one of our members compose a song for our anniversary each year? (Bomi next year!)”

Q. What was the motive for your writing and composing, Eunji?
Eunji: “I wrote based on my experience of the moment of parting. I have to say goodbye to my mom every time I come up from Busan. I get on the train and the next moment mom’s far away, and the next moment even farther away. So the song’s sad and gloomy…haha. But I got a lot of help with rearrangement so it became a better song. I hope you all like it!”

Q. Has anything changed meeting fans?
Hayoung: “Hmm.. it’s never changes for me ! Haha no changes.”
Eunji: “I think at first I was a lot more careful, I didn’t know how to interact with the fans, but now they feel a lot closer and I find it easy to talk to them!”
Namjoo: “Yea, it’s like there was a wall between us and the fans at first but not the wall’s gone!”
Bomi: “When we don’t see one of the fans that are always there at an event, it’s us, really, that get a little disappointed…haha we look for you. You’ve become a family to us.”

Q. Last word for the fans?
Bomi: “There’re so many fans who have supported us throughout this past four years, and many have been with us since our debut. So it’s like you’re all Apink! You’re all one of us.”
Eunji: “I’m so nervous about presenting this new song to you but I hope you enjoy!”
Hayoung: “I hope that we’re able to show you different sides, different colours of us through this song and I hope those of you who don’t know us well will like it too!”
Naeun: “Thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown us the past four years! I hope you like this small present to you!”
Namjoo: “There’s no way we can pay back the love and support. It’s a teeny tiny something for you!”
Bomi: “I hope we’ll make even more memories together with all of you fans out there!
Chorong: “Thank you so much for all the love! We’ll continue to grow and improve musically and I hope you continue to support us.”
“Love you all, annnyeoung!”

Watch the full interview below: