Apink rocks edgy street-wear in newest group teasers for “Pink Memory”

Apink takes to the streets in their new edgy casual wear for their latest teasers for Pink Memory.

In contrast to their previous album concepts and their first set of teasers for this album as well, Apink takes on a bolder look for their newest group teasers.

Bomi, Hayoung, and Eunji are decked out in vivid pink, blue, and yellow outfits as they pose in their Vans and their two-piece ensembles while Namjoo, Na Eun, and Chorong are sporty in adidas tennis caps and dazzling jerseys.

These teasers are all stamped with a “RED” logo while their previous teasers were stamped with “WHITE,” indicating the possibility of two versions of the album with the different concepts.

Fans have reacted positively to this new look with an overwhelming chorus of “OMG” and the photos left fans wondering “Are they finally doing a sexier concept?

Pink Memory will be released on July 16th.