Apink takes a derpy group photo with broadcaster Park Seul Gi

Apink recently took a hilarious group photo with broadcaster Park Seul Gi at their recent solo concert, Apink Paradise, making fans shake their heads with laughter.

With no thought to their public appearance, Apink made derpy faces, scrunching their faces oddly but hilariously, as Park Seul Gi made an innocent-like expression, her hands touching her cheeks.

To this photo, fans sighed their response with, “You guys are girl idols…,” “[To Chorong] Noona…,” and Bomi… what are you doing?”

The photo was released on January 31st via Park Seul Gi’s personal Twitter account, appearing to show her support for the girl group’s first solo concert, which took place on January 30th and 31st at the Seoul Olympic Park.