[★TRENDING] Apink’s Chorong brought to tears at fan sign event

Apink‘s Chorong cried at a fan event last week after a fan presented the girl group leader with a touching gift.At first it was just a normal fan event where the members interacted with fans, smiling and laughing. Then, a female fan approached and gave Chorong a gift that changed Chorong’s expression. The fan taken video of this interaction went viral as the normally bright and strong leader begins to tear up when a fan presents her with a simple sketchbook letter. To express gratitude, the fan wrote some words of encouragement and support to Chorong. In the video, the leader is seen reading on silently as the fan flips through her thoughtful gift.

To the leader who has many tears, many emotions, so much laughter!

You must be having a difficult time because you have to show responsibility as a leader,

Getting stressed out, worrying about things.

I will stand strong as your loyal unni fan so let’s continue together always!

Thank you!

The touched leader held the fans sketchbook above her head to demonstrate her appreciation and thankfulness toward her fan as she tried to contain her tears.

Recently, Apink received their 11th music show trophy for their winter comeback track “Luv” and have achieved two triple crowns on SBS MTV’s The Show and MBC Music Core. In addition, the group is busily preparing for their first solo concert “Pink Paradise” which they announced following their win with “Luv” to fulfill their promise made before their promotions. The concert will be held on January 30th and 31st at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall.


Source: Sports Chosun