Apink’s Son Naeun criticized for her terrible acting even before drama airs

Netizens and fans criticize Apink Son Naeun’s acting in a video teaser even before the first drama episode airs.

The idol member will be on a new tvN drama series Twenty for the Second Time that is planning to air its first episode on August 28th. But with the recent video teaser, Apink member Son Naeun is already being criticized by netizens and Apink fans. Some showed mixed emotions claiming she has improved but needs to improve more. Others claimed how she stole the role with her fame from Apink from an up and coming talent who deserved the role more than her.

Titled “Crazy hahahahahahah Son Naeun Freaking Sucks At Acting,” here is the direct translation of the Pann post and comments below.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA Did you see the drama teaser? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH So f*cking funny, she freaking sucks at acting. I hope idols who can’t act don’t come out. Please practice singing some more”

“Here is the full video”

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 3.15.30 PM

[+139, -45] It seems like she has to practice a lot. Without her fandom, it is true that this acting is hard to watch.

[+134, -46] Seriously don’t they have any conscience? Don’t they have to make her practice before coming on? She sucks and rookie actresses have to get their roles taken away. Omg hahahaha;

[+131, -54] I laughed so freaking much after seeing this on Facebook hahahahahahahahahahahahaha All of the comments are telling her not to act. It is so disgusting how she knows she sucks at singing and can’t last in the music industry so is trying to go to acting.

Source: PannComments: Pann

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