Are KBS K-Dramas On The Rise With The Latest Signing Of STAR Korean Actors?

Drama fans have been criticizing broadcasting station KBS lately for having a lack of quality series recently. However, after seeing the channel bring on some of the top actors in the industry for its latest projects, netizens have been discussing the potential rise of KBS dramas. In addition to having popular actor Song Joong Ki in their latest drama Descendants of the Sun, the station has also signed rising star Park Bo Gum for upcoming historical drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. With such promising actors and works lined up, KBS seems to have a bright path ahead in terms of dramas.

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[+ 10125, – 262] They’re really dead set on success..

[+ 9064, – 220] Now that I think about it, they both used to MC at Music Bank. I guess MC-ing at Music Bank guarantees success. The same with Park Seo Joon

[+ 6084, – 167] Two daebak actors from the same agency~~

Source: OSEN