The Ark celebrates 2000 fan cafe members by sharing adorable baby photos

On May 26th, The Ark reached 2000 fan cafe members and celebrated through their Instagram account.

Receiving much fan love for their debut track “The Light” as well as their occasional busking rounds, the girl group surely has grown in popularity since their pre-debut days.

Now, to celebrate their 2000th fan cafe member, the girls have taken to Instagram to share adorable baby photos of the members. To commemorate the moment, maknae Jane shared a touching post thanking fans for their endless love and support especially international fans.

She then attached a collage of Halla‘s and Yujin‘s childhood, showing the girl group member playing in a garden, smiling at home, and looking fashionably cute with a younger child. It seems that fans can expect more baby photos of the other members in the following days.

Take a look at the post here!