ARMYs furious at an EXO-L for RUINING BTS V’s vacation

ARMYs were relieved when BTS were finally given a vacation after tons of promoting, but they were recently infuriated after an EXO-L allegedly ruined member V‘s vacation. 

ARMY and EXO-L were recently involved in a feud after BTS’s Jungkook was accused of stealing EXO’s well-known phrase “Let’s Love.” Although the feud has quelled, however, tensions between the two fandoms have risen again after an incident involving an EXO-L and BTS’s V.

Like many EXO-L, one fan of the SM Entertainment was very angry with BTS during the group’s controversy. In regard to the incident, the fan tweeted, “ㅋㅋ I really dislike their group (BTS) he made a mistake on an official page and deleted the problematic comment and reuploaded without even apologizing…^^. They should let only people with common sense become idols.” Although the tweet was a bit vindictive, fans weren’t upset with the fan until she had an interaction with BTS’s V.

During the Big Hit Entertainment group’s vacation time, the EXO-L happened to run into BTS’s V at the restaurant she was working at. Although she wasn’t a fan of the group, she took the opportunity to get an autograph from the idol and even tweeted about it.

However, fans became furious after she posed as a fan and tweeted about V’s location, informing others that he was at a Gujae CGV watching a movie with his parents. She caused many fans and sasaengs to try to find him, ruining his day off even though he traveled with his family so far from Seoul in order to spend time relaxing. Fan accounts say that the singer ran away in the middle of the movie because too many people were gathering around him and he was scared that he would be mobbed.

While ARMYs were obviously angry with the EXO fan for ruining V’s vacation, other EXO-L are also furious at her for smearing the EXO-L name.




Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

  • Please leave our boys alone
  • As an EXO-L this embarasses me
  • ARMYs can only take so much
  • Yes fans who went to him are to blame as well but the one who caused this to happen is the most to blame
  • Why would she do that with EXO as her profile pictures
  • He had a break for the first time after such a long time and she RUINED IT
  • He ran away after he realized he was being followed and his location was being tweeted…in the middle of the movie….

Source: Instiz