Avengers group MI.O covers “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

On December 23rd, vocal group MI.O, known for their Avengers masks, shared a special Christmas cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

This time, however, in honor of the holiday spirit, the cover features Santa Claus rather than a Marvel superhero. Additionally, this video only features one of the group members.

Accompanied by a soulful piano background, this MI.O member gives an equally moving vocal rendition to the holiday classic. He showcases his impressive vocal range with gliding high notes and steady vibratos. Furthermore, his whispered falsettos add a deep sense of sadness to the track.

Despite such a serious performance, the ending is pure comedy as he strokes his beard and waves goodbye to viewers. However, those who stayed until the end were given a hint at upcoming MI.O projects with a text that reads, “Next gift is…,” leaving fans guessing what else the vocal group has in store for them.

The vocal group recently debuted with their track, “Have to Buy A House” earlier this season.

Take a look at their winter cover here: