B.A.P.’s Zelo, 2PM’s Nichkhun and Taecyeon show support for MYNAME’s comeback

2PM’s Nichkhun and Taecyeon and B.A.P.’s Zelo showed their support for MYNAME’s new comeback with tweets of encouragement along with their new music video teaser.

On February 11th, 2PM’s Nichkhun tweeted the MYNAME’s music video teaser, telling his fans to “Check it out!! MYNAME’s new comeback! Show them lot’s of support!! @MYNAME_KYong Seyong-ah!! Fighting ^^” after which he immediately followed with a second tweet of the group’s comeback photo as he tweeted at SeyongGood luck man!” Seyong responded to both of Nichkhun’s tweets saying, “goodluck to hyung too!!!!! #goodluck #myname  #너무very막 (#tooverysoMUCH)” and “Thank you hyung >_<

Meanwhile, Taecyeon simply linked the teaser video and wrote “Seyong-ah~~~” to which Seyong replied “Thank you hyung >_<Okcat hyung,” referring to the idol’s branded cat character.

Zelo tweeted a photo of MYNAME’s comeback poster and wrote “It’s been a long time since your comeback hyungs….I’ll support you ^^ bbasshei (meaning to “break it” or literally to “bash it”)

Seyong and the rest of MYNAME will be releasing their new mini-album Too Very So MUCH later today on February 12th after teasing fans with a series of video, audio, and photo teasers. This will be MYNAME’s first domestic comeback since October 2013 with “Day by Day” as they have been actively promoting in Japan in 2014.