B.A.P updates from their recent gathering as 6 members

B.A.P is still currently lying low as their lawsuit with TS Entertainment has yet to come to a close, but fans were encouraged to see that the boys had recently gathered together as six members.

B.A.P’s Daehyun shared a selca on his personal Instagram account on April 9th, candidly capturing the moment as all six members were having a leisure stroll on the streets in Korea. Captioned with “We are,” the post shows the group’s unbreakable bond as they are still staying strong together as a group. He then followed up with another video and captioned it as a “present” for their fans.

B.A.P filed their lawsuit against TS Entertainment last November, hoping to nullify their contracts due to unfair income distribution between artists and the company. Their first court trial was said to be held on March 13th, but it has been a month and yet there are no announced updates on progress of the court case.

In the midst of their hiatus, the members have been engaged in individual song productions, including leader Bang Yongguk‘s most recent solo track “AM 4:44” and rapper Zelo‘s upcoming track.