B-Free says “I Remember” with latest MV

B-Free returned to fans by telling them “I Remember” with his latest music video which dropped on November 27th.HILITE Record‘s B-Free came back with a music video for his song “I Remember” that is sure to make fans fall in love with the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

The video starts out with B-Free walking around a Hawaiian airport with background noise of a crowd after stepping off his flight.

The beat starts and we are transported to a scene of B-Free wandering around the boardwalk and beaches of Hawaii.

Wearing a black snapback and a gold chain to match, B-Free begins his rap on a basketball court. The music cuts and we see B-Free surrounded by a group of friends drinking and eating reminiscing about the past happily.

B-Free’s last music video titled “Hot Summer” dropped 8 months ago. He also starred in his own series on YouTube titled “Korean Dream.” He got wrapped up in a bit of a scandal based off of a video uploaded on YouTube of him dissing BTS for unauthentic rapping and hip hop concepts last year.

Fans of the rapper can keep up to date with the movements of B-Free on his official Twitter account as well as under his label HILITE’s official YouTube account.

Check out his nostalgic music video below!