B.I.G releases image teasers for their 3rd single ft. Gookminpyo

B.I.G has released two new image teasers for their upcoming third single featuring member Gookminpyo.

The group recently revealed two teaser images for both Heedo and Benji for their third single. On February 29th, the group revealed an additional two images, this time with Gookminpyo.

Following the same theme as the other members, Gookminpyo is captured in both a light and dark image where he sports polka dot clothing throughout.

In the dark image, the member wears a white polka dotted jacket which is surrounded by the glow of a blue light. With an innocent expression, Gookminpyo displays his graceful features.

Meanwhile, in his brighter picture, Gookminpyo is seen wearing a jacket and matching pants that are white with black polka dots. He sits down on a stool with his legs crossed and his hand held up to his mouth.

Without an exact day for their comeback, B.I.G continues to release images of the members prior to the release of their single.