B.I.G releases video teaser for “Are You Ready?”

Rookie group B.I.G (Boys in Groove) are ramping up anticipation for their October comeback with a video teaser for their title track “Are You Ready?”! The boys have already given fans a sneak peek at their new concept with teaser pictures, and now they’re showing fans a snippet of their new video! Staying true to their name, the boys are coming back with another groovy, fun song from their second single album “Are You Ready?” that contrasts with their debut concept. B.I.G, who debuted in July with their powerful, patriotic song “Hello,” have transitioned from their initial patriotism to wandering the lively city streets.

The teaser follows the boys as they run around the city, having quite a wild time doing tricks on their bikes, riding in nice cars and sprint through the streets. Their bright colored hair and stylish outfits, along with the sunny, urban environment give the new song a much lighter, playful feel than their debut song.

Carrying a similar pop style from B.I.G’s debut song, “Are You Ready?” is a fast-paced, upbeat song with catchy phrases and an electronic touch.

Check out the teaser below, and keep an eye out for B.I.G’s comeback on October 21st!