B.I.G teaches you the steps of “Between Night n Music” in fun dance tutorial

A video of idol group B.I.G teaching the dance moves for “Between Night n Music” was shared on GH Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel on March 11th.

B.I.G is known for having energetic dance choreographies for their tracks, and “Between Night n Music” continues that trend while showing each of the members’ dance skills.

The video begins with a funny intro and goes on to say, “Greetings, we are B.I.G. We are finally back with our third single, ‘Between Night n Music.’ Yay! So we are here to explain the different dance points of this song. We hope everyone will follow and enjoy the video as we explain the points. Okay, the members will now explain ‘Between Night n Music.’ Let’s go!”

There are three main points and the first point is the “In-between dance.” The directions for this dance is to, “first grab the headphones and then bring your hands down and point. 1, 2, 3, 4.” The second point is the “Headphone dance.” The headphone dance represents someone listening to music. And the final point is the “Heart-racing dance.” The motions to this dance is the act of presenting your heart and feelings. For this dance, “First you want to point at the person, hug the person, present your heart, and then finish with a wave.”

After the presentation of the main points and corresponding dance moves, the B.I.G members come together for a dance rehearsal of the full song.

Watch and learn the moves of “Between Night n Music” from B.I.G here: