B.I.G releases “Between Night n Music” MV teaser

Male group B.I.G is making their return this March with a new album, returning with a new concept to show off a different side of themselves to their audience. 

“Between Night n Music” is a retro-style dance and upbeat track that will have you up on your feet that speaks of a man’s feelings towards another woman. The video teaser displays just that with the members of B.I.G dancing profusely and excitedly to the addicting beat.

Their agency GH Entertainment revealed that the group continues to practice daily, working hard to return with the perfect comeback stage.

B.I.G made their debut with the southern hip-hop track “Hello,” followed by the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) single “Are You Ready?”. They have no doubt proven they are able to follow a wide range of genre in their music.

Their third single “Between Night n Music” will be released on March 6th.

Source: Herald