B1A4 drops MV teaser for “Sweet Girl”

After B1A4 released the album preview for their upcoming album, the five-member group released the music video teaser for their title track “Sweet Girl” on August 5th. 

As the music dropped, the teaser first showcased what seems to be flowing water, followed by revealing a girl roaming around a restaurant. The teaser continued as it revealed individual footage of the members while the retro and funky beats were heard.

“Sweet Girl” is the title track off of B1A4’s upcoming album Sweet Girl which will include five tracks. The album will be ranging from upbeat to ballad as the five songs are called “Sweet Girl,” “You Are a Girl, I Am a Boy,” “After 10 Years,” “Wait,” and “Love Is Magic.”

Meanwhile, the music video for “Sweet Girl” is schedule to be released on August 10th.