B1A4 member Gongchan is the most HANDSOME yet UNDERRATED K-pop artist

Netizens discuss one of the most handsome male idols that doesn’t get noticed enough by fans.

K-pop is full of beautiful female artists and handsome male artists. However, there are some idols who fail to be noticed by the public. There could be various reasons for this, including lack of talent or being part of a smaller entertainment company. The truth is some idols are noticed later than other, luckier idols.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss one of the most handsome male idols that has yet to be extremely popular.

Titled “Male Idol Who Is Handsome But Doesn’t Get Noticed,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“This is B1A4 member Gongchan. I think he is really handsome but he doesn’t get mentioned enough amongst the top idols T_T I’m a fan of another group but I don’t know the reason why Gongchan isn’t as popular as his other members hahaha”


“He was innocent and young in his earlier years.”


“My heart stops when he makes that face T_T”


“He looks so elegant, like a prince of a country.”



“I think his side view is top 10 out of idols.”




“His mood is dope in his recent comeback photo..”



“This is when he took the main role in MAMAMOO’s ‘Piano Man.’ I really had to rewind the video 10 times thinking was there an idol like this..? I really don’t know why he isn’t gaining popularity. His schedules are less than other members. When he took the MC role in a program called ‘A Song For You’ last month, I heard it was the first individual schedule in 4 years.. I really hope he becomes more active and gets popular!! Gongchan fighting!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.58.39 PM

[ +69 / -6] Yah I agree.. He is handsome

[ +59 / -4] Woah I love you


[ +53 / -5] Why so many dislikes on this post wow This album, Gongchan was the best with his looks and his lenses.

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